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Mandrake Synergies

Hocus Pocus

Samhain Sweet Bread Autumn Pumpkin & Spice Bread.
Wisps (from Samhain)  
Happy Mabon Juicy fruit with a slight hint of black pepper.
candy corn Fruity & sweet (Not vanilla)
Dolores & the Masquerade of Shadows soap gum
apple cider Sweet apple and autumn spices
Pumpkin pie Invigorating, sweet zest & pumpkin spice.
Sighs of the woods Invigorating and floral eucalyptus.
enigmatic mist Woody & smoky
Vanilla & Patchouli (Burnished soaps)  
Bloody Cherry Cherry & citrus
Salem's Pot Mystical latte & patchouli flower.
Wild Peony Floral, reminiscent of peony.
Gin Fizz Sage & Ginger Tangy sage on a note of sweet ginger.
Lady Patchouli Patchouli & citrus
Dark Flame Forest, woody & smoky.
Jack'O Lantern Pumpkin & orange cocktail
Grimoire of the Sandersons Woody smell of green & spicy anise.
Mimosa & Vanilla Cream Vanilla and slightly fruity.
Spectrum Rosewood & lemon cream.
Fires of Samhain Woody, musky and slightly spicy.

Fae of Novem

Ivy Poetry Fresh & Woody
Equinox Cake Cinnamon & orange cake
Almond paste croissant Sweet almond.
Chai Fizz Spicy, woody & slightly "sour"
green beer fresh smell of IPA with bergamot.
sweet november Geranium wood
November Rain Woody, camphorated on an invigorating lemony note.
amber apple Fruity, sweet, very slightly spicy and vanilla.

Hogwarts Celebrates!

Grimoire Mystical, herbaceous with a very light touch of vanilla
Spiced poppy seed and lemon muffin Citrus gingerbread.
Purple Zest Lime zest and lavender
Forest of possibilities. Foresty & slightly tart.
Apple crumble Sweet apples and ginger
peach nectar Juicy and sweet peach
After 8 Choco-mint
Old fashioned sweets Sweet & fresh
Scamander Powder Powdery floral (Sounds like baby powder)
bubblegum Vanilla & floral confectionery on a sweet citrus base.
Butter beer A sweet drink reminiscent of eggnog.
Yule fir fresh tree
Yule Wisps Mystical woodsy with a touch of fires and fir.
Mystical Vision floral blend, captivating patchouli and incense.
Ginger cookie Sweet and vanilla ginger.
Gingerbread Vanilla and hot spices
Cake Pudding (with cherries) Sweet vanilla, almond and cherry.
candy cane Bold blend of citrus fruits, fennel & mint
Veritasserum Invigorating lavender, mint and a hint of pepper
Amortentia Sweet and floral
Polyjuice Citrus & eucalyptus
Felix Felicis Floral, minty & spicy incense
Azure bewitchment Blend of jasmine, orange and sparkling lavender
Dragee (fruity jelly candy)  
Sherbet Lemon Sparkling lemon
Balloongum Tangy forest and spicy citrus reminiscent of sour gums
Quidditch Fresh & festive citrus floral scent, very slightly minty.
Pumpkin Juice Pumpkin cocktail, ginger on a note of mystical patchouli.
unicorn blood Mystical, fruity and vanilla latte. (Burnishes the soaps)


Winter Caress Vanilla and fir eucalyptus (Bruni les soaps)
Jasmine of the woods Sweet Floral & Frosted Eucalyptus.
Aurora borealis Sweet and invigorating eucalyptus.
winter praise Sweet, woody, spicy & invigorating eucalyptus.
Kindness Floral and sparkling citrus.
pink champagne Floral & frosted red fruits.
Sparkling mimosa  
crystal flower Fresh & Herbal
snow sugar Fresh and sweet herbal
Green Frost Fresh basil & sparkling citrus
Snowflakes & Squall Forest, sweet herbal on a soft mint background.
white solstice Woody, piney with an invigorating touch of lemon
Snow Perfume Invigorating & woody eucalyptus.
Green chai tea Invigorating fennel & sweet spice.
heart of frost Wintergreen & fresh/invigorating citrus.
Gingerbread & Bergamot Spicy and lively, sparkling citrus.
Rainbow Candy Skittels
Sorbet Herbal Citrus

The Little Women

Rosewood Woody and floral ( Pink)
Celtic Spring Forestier & Sweet Jasmine.
sugar heart Sweet confectionery, invigorating citrus & minty.
Cotton flower Powdery & sweet floral
happy memories Vegetal, eucalipsus & spicy citrus
Idyll Lemon & bewitching patchouli
Embrace of the Woods Woody cedar & Sparkling lavender
South wind Sweet floral on a captivating patchouli base.
sugared almond flower Lavender & invigorating citrus
peach delight Creamy peach dessert. Inspired by peach Bavarian
Jasmine cream Juicy citrus & floral vanilla
sugar buds Floral confectionery and sparkling citrus.
pana cota Vanilla & sweet spice. (Brui the soaps)
Jam & berries Fruity & vanilla.
Oat cream pie Creamy ginger & sweet citrus.
Milkshake Creamy, vanilla & slightly fruity. (Lightly burnishes the soaps)

Miss Potter

Verbena Lemony, slightly herbal fresh.
Ostara Floral, mystical, sparkling citrus and invigorating
Marzipan cookie Fruity and sweet almond
White Marshmallow Vanilla & Caramelized. Reminiscent of a melted marshmallow with a touch of buttercream. (Burnishes the soaps)
Wild blueberries & whipped cream Creamy berries with a woody touch
Candid Melody Invigorating citrus fruits and incense.
Short Peter short! Citrus, Geranium & Invigorating Mint
vanilla flower Vanilla floral ( Burnished soaps)
watercolor flower Geranium & creamy citrus.
Ostara Wisps Spicy, floral & fruity
Festive Basil Invigorating basil on a touch of red fruits
Grape jelly Sweet and fruity
Amaretto Bitter Almond
cedar wood Woody and fir
peach cream Cream and peaches


Lavender zest Lavender and lemonade
Spring drizzle Moist, woody & floral
blueberry scone Candied berries on an invigorating lime note.
Caramel & Sugar Apples Caramelized, gourmet vanilla & fruity
Melon Punch Melon and cherry
wood cabin Woody, sweet & sweet mint
spring wind Damp forest and fresh eucalyptus
lemon balm honey Fruity & slightly lemony honey
Honey Liqueur Fruity honey & caramelized vanilla. (Burnishes the soaps)
Plumb Tart Invigorating, sweet, vanilla fruit with a hint of spice
Vanilla caramel Gourmet caramelized vanilla
Lemonade Lime Lemon & Lime


Pineapple Fizz fruity and herbaceous
Beltane Warm, exotic and floral with a sweet citrus note and an earthy touch.
Sparkling lemonade fresh and sparkling that evokes citrus fruits with a touch of bitterness
Sour Cherry sweet and fruity with a distinct note of tart cherries
Rose-Peach Milk delicate and creamy that evokes a harmonious blend of juicy peach and freshly picked roses
Peach soda Juicy citrus, floral and sparkling
Daddy's beard warm and woody notes that intertwine with vanilla to create a comforting and enveloping aroma
pink marshmallow The delicate and creamy notes of vanilla and cherry
vanilla cola freshness and sweetness. Sparkling and tangy citrus notes are softened by the presence of creamy vanilla and warm, enveloping caramel notes
Spiced rum Vibrant and energizing citrus notes that blend harmoniously with woody and smoky touches.
Orange & strawberry ice cream Oasis of freshness and fruity sweetness
Pink Latte Sweet notes of vanilla & cherry (may brown soaps)
sugar cookie Sweet and warm aromas of vanilla are accentuated by a very slight note of spicy cinnamon and a touch of toasted hazelnut (Bruni le soaps)


Mojito Burst of juicy citrus, invigorating lime and sweet tangerine.
Iced Tropical Citrus blend with a light touch of vanilla and coconut.
Tango-lime Unbridled citrus dance featuring the sparkling lime.
Mystica Woody and resinous accents blend harmoniously with fresh and lemony touches that bring a summery and invigorating feeling.
Litha's Wisp Woody smell with a touch of lemongrass.
Wild strawberries Fruity, floral with a woody touch.
pina colada Fruity and creamy cocktail
Vanilla Old Fashioned Smell of sweet vanilla on a very light sparkling note of citrus.
Tropical Marshmallow Sweet, vanilla and tropical melon.
Frozen Margarita Sweet, sweet and fresh notes of blood orange on a note of eucalyptus and lime.
Amaretto Sour Slush Refreshing, energizing, tangy, captivating.
litha Lively, fruity notes mingle with soothing floral accents and subtly comforting woody undertones
Mint Sorbet Fresh, soothing, vegetal, balancing.

The Shire

Soda and black cherry. Black cherry, fruity and sweet.
Toasted Marshmallow Sweet, vanilla with a touch of smoke.
Lembas Fresh, sweet blend of lemony citrus with pepper and warm spices.
Pipe weeds Floral, fruity and a touch of slightly vanilla sweet tobacco.
Peach white tea. Fruity, slightly sweet and herbal.
Muridor Sweet blend of caramelized honey, vanilla, on a very light touch of white flowers.
ocean breeze Forest and humid. Recalls 'Ocean' type odors.

The island of the Sirens

Caravelle & salty breeze. Fresh aquatic note, on a woody note.
Agua de Florida Aquatic, herbal & spicy.
Spiced rum Citrus, warm spices, vanilla and a touch of fresh sweet tobacco.
treasure of the abyss Fresh, fruity & floral
fruit punch Explosion of sweet orange, cherries on a subtle almond vanilla touch.
Caribbean sun Fresh, sweet, vanilla with a spicy note
Moonlight Floral
Lethargy Floral marjoram & juicy citrus

Lanterns & Monoliths

Geillis Spicy geranium with an invigorating citrus touch.
Apothecary Petals Fresh lavender & fruity incense.
Root of Scotland Fresh and fir scent with very fine scents of smoked hazelnuts.
Clover Green Fresh herb, frosted mint on a touch of citrus.
Apple pie Cooked apples and hot spices.
Coffee Whiskey Caramelized smell, vanilla coffee (almost chocolate) with a spicy touch.
Dawn (Sorchae) Invigorating smell of marjoram and citrus.
Frozen orange & vanilla cream Citrus vanilla & spicy jasmine flower.
root beer Creamy sweet with a touch of sweet mint and spice
Salted caramel & spicy cherry caramelized, vanilla on a note of cherry.
Herbal Whiskey Sour Woody, sweet, spicy & tangy.
Fliodhais Creamy rose on a sweet forest note.

Fantastic Counts & Legends

celestial dawn Fruity and floral with a slightly woody herbaceous note, evoking a joyful and dynamic atmosphere.
Sacred Forest Woody and soothing synergy of a wild forest
goblin cave Earthy, musky smell of a dark, smoky cavern, with hints of pungency and spice.
Bewitching Darkness A mixture of damp earth, moss and woody and smoky notes. Rich, deep and enigmatic, this fragrance evokes the secretive and reserved nature of the Drow.
Mystical Bewitchment Synergy is both energizing and soothing, blending fruity and fresh notes with woody and earthy touches.
Furtive Shadows Woody, earthy notes mingle with crisp, tangy citrus accords, creating a complex and addictive blend that commands attention.
Sylvan Woody and fresh smell, light and floral notes, evoking the elegance and beauty of nature.
Back to the hostel Warm and enveloping fragrance, evoking the comfortable and friendly atmosphere of a country inn nestled in a lush forest
Méchoui (Smoked soap) Woody and very slightly sweet notes reminiscent of the smell of wood smoke from a méchoui.
Brave Heart A blend of earthy, woody and spicy notes that evokes the image of a fearless and courageous warrior fighting his way through the dense jungle.
Arcanum Fresh and tangy notes of basil mingle with a deeper, woody scent for a balanced and intriguing blend.
Obsidian Flame Notes are warm, woody and spicy from black pepper, with a hint of freshness.
Guardian Freshness of dawn, with a touch of mystique and determination. It evokes the image of a holy warrior who protects the innocent and fights the forces of evil.


Wet and sweet morning breeze from the port villages.
Alzabo Fruity cranberry and spicy gin
Alfonso IV
(Critical Strike)
Amber fragrance of bewitching incense, suave and fruity.
PP/ Pierre-Philippe Renaud
(Critical Strike)
Fresh cedar & amber incense
(Critical Strike)
Herbal, citrus fresh & invigorating.
Nayru (Critical Hit)
Powdered lavender & sparkling lemon.



The 31 days of Samhain

Pink Pumpkin  
Focus Pocus  
Walk in the orchard
Whispers of the woods
fall festivity
Tea and pumpkin leaves
White Pumpkin

Mabon's Whim

dawn of october
Hel's Pot
Chimera Sleep
Pumpkin Milk
Wild lemonade
Crisp Apple
fall walk

Mystical Forest