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L'atelier des Mandragores

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Effervescent Oatmeal Latte Bath: Midnight Bath

Effervescent Oatmeal Latte Bath: Midnight Bath

Collection: The Island of the Sirens
Effervescent oatmeal bath milk.

Synergy: Moonlight
Olfactory notes: Floral

Fragrance Level: Mild/ Moderate
100% essential oils.

How to use: Once the tub is full, shake the bag over the water to get the creamy latte effect. (from 50 to 100g)

You can settle in the bath right away or wait a few minutes for the epsom salt to dissolve in the hot water.

All that remains is to enjoy this well-deserved moment.

Important The Effervescent Oatmeal Latte can be used while the bath is running, but it was not designed for this instruction manual. It will foam a little but this foam will be ephemeral.

Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


    Baking soda, citric acid (naturally from citrus), colloidal oatmeal, sl sa, essential oils, epsom salt, **sunflower oil, water soluble pigment.
    Synergy: (
    Lavender, citrus, geranium, cedar, marjoram, incense, lemongrass, mandarin, petitgrain.)

    *Ingredients from organic farming.
    **Ingredients from organic farming and produced in Quebec.
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