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L'atelier des Mandragores

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Beard & Mustache Care Set (On request)

Beard & Mustache Care Set (On request)

Robin Hood Fragrances

Robin Hood:
This fragrance evokes the daring spirit of the legendary archer and the forests of Sherwood. With its dominant notes of wood, it captures the feeling of the majestic trees of the forest. This fragrance exudes an invigorating freshness, evoking wooded trails, while a resinous touch reveals the secrets of the undergrowth.Together, these elements create a scent that transports you to daring adventures. The spirit of freedom, camaraderie and daring permeates this synergy, plunging into the vibrant and mysterious universe of Robin Hood

Blue Beard Fragrance

Blue Beard:

The “Bluebeard” synergy intrigues with its haunting mystery, evoking the dark depths of the famous tale. Fresh notes captivate the senses from the start, while complexity is revealed with earthy and floral nuances. A subtle sweetness is balanced by resinous and spicy accords, creating an atmosphere that is both seductive and captivating. This synergy captures the spirit of the story, delving into the mysteries of Bluebeard's castle. She embodies the suspense, temptation and darkness that characterize this captivating story.

Beard & Mustache Care Set

- Beard Oil 30 ml
- Beard Balm 30 ml
- Mustache Wax 15 ml
- Shaving soap 100g
- Beard & mustache comb
- Badger
- Shampoo (Charcoal and Mint)

Box on request
Type of possible fragrances: Mandrake Fragrances HERE!
Please let me know the scent of your choice when purchasing.

IMPORTANT: Allow 4 to 8 weeks for a personalized on-demand product.
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