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L'atelier des Mandragores

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Personalized Vitrail soaps

Personalized Vitrail soaps

An idea in mind?

Want to give a gift: Wedding, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, baby shower...

Group or team. Just send me your image for the soluble illustration if you would like one.

Flowers, objects or herbs can be added.

Simply indicate the customizations in the text box by adding a note to the order on your cart page.

Lead times from 4 to 8 weeks.

Type of possible fragrances: Mandrake Synergies HERE!
Please let me know the scent of your choice when purchasing.

This soap is now made with a classic soap base + 1 image of glycerin.

Image area ingredients: Glycerin soap, illustration on request or other addition on request.
Ingredients: ***organic sunflower oil, **organic coconut oil, *Rapeseed oil, water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, vegetable stearic acid, candelilla wax, sugar, synergy of essential oils. Synergy:
(Citrus, hemlock, geranium, chamomile, incense, bitter almond, benzoin, parrot balm & ravinstara)
*Product from Canada/Quebec
** Ingredients from organic cultivation.
***Ingredients from organic cultivation and produced in Quebec.
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