Mandrake Fragrances

Here are the Fragrances available by type.

Salem Pot Vanilla & patchouli flower
Zest & Woody Exuberance Vanilla, fruity, woody & earthy.
Wild vanilla Woody, fruity & vanilla
Melancholia Amber vanilla, mystical citrus, Velvety
White Cotton Vanilla & Caramelized
Wafer & Cream Warm, vanilla, Comforting, Gourmet
Tropical Frozen Blend of citrus with a light touch of vanilla and coconut.
Toasted marshmallow
Caribbean sun Fresh, sweet, vanilla.
Scottish vanilla Spicy, sweet, floral, warm.
Enigmatic mist Woody & smoked
Ivy's poetry Woody, earthy, resinous, calming, mystical
Geranium Wood woody, earthy, floral
Wood Inking Woody, fresh & soothing
Scamander Earthy, resinous & captivating.
Yule Wisps Fir Woody, mysterious, comforting.
Dark Flame Foresty, woody & smoky.
Forest Chamomile Foresty, floral, earthy & fresh
Yule tree Wintery, woody, fresh.
Winter Romance Woody, warm & wintry
Berries & Juniper Generous, zesty, woody.
Ostara Wisps Woody, smoky, spicy, floral
Lights on the beach Woody scent with a touch of lemongrass.
Mabon fruit Forestier, black pepper, fresh zest
Root of Scotland Woody, fresh, energizing, earthy.
Whispers of the Woods Invigorating and floral eucalyptus.
Grimoire of the Sandersons green anise, woody & spicy
Sage & Ginger Fizz Tangy sage with a note of sparkling ginger.
November Rain Camphorated, woody and invigorating.
Winter Caress Vanilla and fir eucalyptus
Woodland jasmine Fresh, woody & floral
Kindness Warm, fresh, floral
Green frost Fresh basil, zesty and sparkling
Snowflakes & Squall Woody, herbal & fresh
Snow Invigorating, herbal & woody eucalyptus
crystal flower Floral, fresh & Herbaceous
spring wind Damp forestry and fresh eucalyptus
Green Clover Fresh, herbaceous, soothing, invigorating.
Herbal whiskey sour Woody, sweet, spicy & tangy.
Dance of Death floral, earthy, fresh
Wild Peony Floral, reminiscent of peony.
Hocus Pocus Warm, earthy, floral, spicy, calming.
Purple Zest Lively, soothing, floral.
Mystical Vision floral blend, captivating patchouli and incense.
Azure Enchantment Jasmine and sparkling lavender
Victorian Bouquet Floral, resinous and sophisticated
Sweet Melody Fresh, woody, soothing chamomile
Celtic Spring Woody & white flower.
Victorian Feather Earthy, floral and lively
Victorian Elegance Elegant, floral, woody
Ostara Warm, floral & woody
Lavender zest Lavender and lemonade
Water of youth Floral, sparkling & refreshing citrus
Treasure of the Abyss Fresh, fruity & floral
Apothecary Petals Floral, vibrant, sacred
Spicy geranium Spicy, floral, warm, invigorating
Dawn Marjolaine Floral, fruity, energizing and soothing
Fruity/ Citrus (Citrus)
Jack'O Lantern Pumpkin cocktail, orange
Bloody Cherry Cherry & Citrus
Peach nectar Warm, fruity, soothing.
Unicorn Blood Mystical, fruity and vanilla latte.
Poppy and lemon
Poppy and lemon
Felix Felicis Sunny, woody, spicy
Polyjuice Potion Zesty, invigorating & Woody
Amortentia Captivating, Floral and woody
Quidditch Fresh & festive scent of floral citrus, very slightly minty.
Lemon Sherbet Sparkling lemon
Aurora borealis Fresh, zesty & vibrant/Vibrant zesty freshness.
White Solstice Woody, lemony & lively
Floral Reverie Woody, Floral, Masculine
Peach Blossom Woody, Fruity, Floral.
Almond flowers Red, summery and resinous fruits
Lemonade & Rose Fresh, Floral, Stimulating.
Cherry Lemonade
Grapefruit Tea Fruity, Floral, Zesty.
Almond liqueur Fruity almond
Grape jelly
Melon Punch Melon and cherry
Melissa honey Fruity & slightly lemony honey
Honey Liqueur Fruity honey & caramelized vanilla.
Blueberry Scone Small candied fruits with a note of invigorating lime.
Mojito Explosion of juicy citrus, invigorating lime and sweet tangerine.
Wild strawberries Fruity, floral with a woody touch.
Tropical Cup Fruity and creamy cocktail
Peach white tea.
Amaretto Sour Slush Refreshing, energizing, tangy, captivating.
Fruit punch Explosion of sweet orange, cherries with a subtle touch of vanilla and almond.
Champagne Offering Citrus, warm spices, vanilla and a touch of sweet fresh tobacco
Mystical Frost Vanilla mint, woody, captivating winter freshness
Green chai tea Vibrant heat, spicy fennel
Heart of Frost Wintergreen Frosted, woody & lively
Snow Bud Floral, fresh and relaxing
Mint fizz tea Fresh, Sparkling, Floreal
Wood cabin Woody, sweet & gentle mint
Amber Spice Warm, spicy, rich, mysterious, amber.
Amber Petal Amber, Sweet, Flowery
Spiced rum Citrus, warm spices, vanilla and a touch of sweet fresh tobacco.
Parchment Mystical, musky with a very light touch of vanilla.
Malt & Hops Woody, warm and refreshing zest
Forest of possibilities Foresty, musky & slightly tangy
Krampus Woody, foresty, smoky and musky
Brave Heart Woody, musky & zesty
Pumpkin pie
Apple cider
Samhain bread Warm, autumnal, spicy.
Old Fashioned & Corn Fresh, sweet, spicy, invigorating.
Old-fashioned sweets Gourmet, sparkling & woody
Playful breeze Sparkling, fresh, joyful.
Butterbeer Sweet, woody, comforting
Ginger cookie Sweet ginger and vanilla.
Gingerbread Hot spices. vanilla sugar
Cake Pudding Vanilla pistachio, ginger and fruity
Surprise sugared almonds
Ballongomme Tangy forest and spicy citrus reminiscent of sour gums
Soda and black cherry.
Exotic Mallow Sweet, vanilla and tropical melon.
Apple pie Fresh, invigorating, delicious, spicy
Spicy Ginger Warm, spicy, dynamic
Whiskey Coffee Coffee, earthy and intoxicating
Racinette Fresh, invigorating, stimulating, refreshing.
Salted caramel & spicy cherry caramelized, vanilla with a cherry note.
Rain and Ocean
Spring drizzle Moist, woody & floral
Anduin River
Caravelle & Salt breeze. Woody, Bewitching, soothing, maritime
Blue Lagoon Sweet eucalyptus, invigorating lime with a touch of mint.
Tobacco & leather
Pipe herbs
Champagne Offering Citrus, warm spices, vanilla and a touch of sweet fresh tobacco