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Effervescent Botanical Bath Bomb: Ostara

Effervescent Botanical Bath Bomb: Ostara

Collection: Watercolors

Fragrance: Ostara
Inspiration: Spring Equinox
Olfactory notes: Warm, floral & woody

Ostara offers an enveloping fusion, where woody notes emanate and mingle with sparkling citrus accents. A subtle floral touch emerges, accompanied by deep earthy nuances and delicate sweet scents. The balance between these elements creates a mesmerizing synergy, evoking nature, tranquility and mystical sophistication. This captivating fragrance presents a complex olfactory harmony, encouraging reflection and sensory escape.


    • Invites Lightness & Refreshing Energy
    • Awakens passion and self-confidence
    • Relaxation, mental clarity

1 bomb includes a complete bath ritual:
- Clay
- Orange blossom water
- Himalayan salt
- Epson salt
- Flowers
- Essential oils

Instructions for use: Once the bathtub is full, drop the botanical bath bomb into the hot water. All that remains is to enjoy this well-deserved moment.

Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, Synergy of essential oils, Orange blossom hydrosol, Epson salt, pink Himalayan salt, flowers. (Cedar, citrus, patchouli, lavender, ylang ylang)

Mode d'emploi

Mode d'emploi:

  • Bien brasser la bouteille
  • Vaporiser ( coup, nuque, creux des coudes, genoux ... chevilles d'après l'intensité désirée)
  • Ne pas utiliser sur la peau endommagée.
  • Évitez le contact avec les yeux.
  • En cas d’irritation, cesser l’utilisation
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