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L'atelier des Mandragores

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clay pebble

clay pebble

Clay cleanser for body & hair

It’s a surfactant-free, soap-free cleansing product that’s ultra-friendly to our skin and the environment!

Synergy: The Marauder (Lightly scented)

Olfactory notes: Foresty & fresh.
Freshness effect on the skin.

Weight: approximately 95g.
Made in Quebec, Montreal
Not tested on animals

IMPORTANT: Respect for the environment

  • Less risk to aquatic life: Soaps containing surfactants are toxic to certain aquatic organisms. By using a clay bar, you reduce the risk of chemical contamination of the water, which is safer for aquatic life.

  • Biodegradability: Unlike some soaps, clay is generally natural and biodegradable. It will break down more easily in the environment, reducing its impact on aquatic life and the lake's ecosystem.

  • Frequency: Limit how often you wash in the lake to avoid possible adverse effects on the aquatic ecosystem.

  • Stay away from sensitive areas: Choose a suitable location away from sensitive habitats to minimize impact on aquatic life.

  • Follow local regulations: Check the lake's regulations or policies regarding the use of products in the water to ensure you are not breaking rules established to protect the ecosystem.

  • However , it is important to point out that although using a clay bar may be more environmentally friendly than using conventional soap, this does not mean that it is completely impact-free . Any intervention in a natural ecosystem must be carried out carefully to minimize potential disturbance.

In summary, there can be some benefits to using clay in a lake, but it must be done responsibly to maintain the health of the lake ecosystem.


Skin: Rub onto wet skin , leave to act for a few seconds (or not), rinse thoroughly.

Hair: Use a light layer on wet hair to wash impurities from the scalp. We can also rub it in our hands and apply it to the head. Clay shampoos used in this way are recommended in alternation with more traditional methods.

Ingredients: Clay, water, ** sunflower oil, * essential oils.
Synergy (tea tree, pine, mint)

*Ingredients from organic cultivation.
**Ingredients from organic cultivation and produced in Quebec.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Enfin un produit qui convient a mes voyages en nature!! Je me sens naturellement rafraîchie sans la culpabilité ou et doute de polluer ce territoire que j'aime tant!

    Perfect handmade soap !

    I've test the soap into river at Bicolline, and just wow, doesn’t leave any residues or stickiness on your skin like organic soap does.

    The odour is quite strong, but on the skin is really fine. It's smell like mosquitos repellent, and that's a good thing in the wood !

    10/10 will recommend !