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L'atelier des Mandragores

Krampus: Handmade Rustic Soap

Krampus: Handmade Rustic Soap

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Collection: Hogwarts Celebrate!


Rustic with oat yogurt, 100% natural & vegan

Synergy: Krampus

Olfactory note: Woody, forest, smoky and musky

Krampus evokes a captivating blend of woody warmth, smoke and vibrant citrus. This synergy offers a dynamic ensemble of earthy cedar, citrus and deep musk. It is complemented by notes of smoke, warm spice and black pepper, creating a rich, energetic and captivating scent.

Fragrance level: ◉◉◉

100% Essential oils

Exfoliation: ----------

Made in Quebec, Montreal.

100% natural & vegan soap
Botanical Coloring

Instructions for use: Use on wet skin, lather, rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Ingredients: *** organic sunflower oil, **organic coconut oil, *Rapeseed oil, water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, candelilla wax, sugar, synergy of essential oils.
Synergy: Cedar, patchouli, vetiver, cinnamon, pepper & citrus.

*Product from Canada/Quebec
** Ingredients from organic cultivation.
***Ingredients from organic cultivation and produced in Quebec.

May contain: Glycerin ornaments, white clay, mineral pigment, activated charcoal, flowers & plants.
As they are all hand cut, weight may vary slightly.
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